Spanish Translation US has unique resources to support large and small litigation efforts in the United States and around the world. With licensed attorneys on staff, Spanish Translation US is the choice of legal professionals for translations in complex international litigation support and legal services. Spanish Translation US has the capabilities to support all your multilingual needs for litigation and legal support. This includes—but is not limited to—providing you with certified translation by experienced translators, complex transcription from all media sources, and legal interpretation, both in-person and virtual.

Translations for International Litigation

Spanish Translation US has particular expertise in matters related to international evidence, which often involves correspondence related to complex negotiations with foreign counsel and extensive discovery requests. We have the resources to conduct asset searches and due diligence regarding information related to corporations formed abroad and their officers and directors.

In order to provide our clients with a complete service offering, Spanish Translation US can provide the resources to assist in foreign litigation, including support for depositions in Spanish, and manned phone bridges for US attorneys’ multi-language conference calls.

Translation Support for International Litigation

Spanish Translation US has developed the infrastructure to operate effectively in every Spanish-speaking country. We have the ability to handle many of the logistics related to taking depositions in Spanish-speaking countries, and can provide language support for asset searches, translation of foreign corporation information and information searches regarding individuals residing in foreign countries.

Spanish Translation Solution:

We offer a wide range of Spanish Translations for any industry, including:

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