As a leader in English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English life science translation services, Spanish Translations US has the experience necessary to provide accurate life science translations, medical translations and pharmaceutical translations. In these highly regulated sectors, accuracy and adherence to guidelines and standards are critical.

Spanish Translations US has teams of expert life science translators who can work on all life science related documentation from complex pharmaceutical manuals to patient and customer care documentation and forms. Having less the 100% quality is not an option.

Translations for the Health Industry

In today’s highly regulated healthcare industry, accurate translations are necessary for all types of communications. Spanish Translations US has thorough experience translating marketing content, patient informational material, medical forms, and other health industry documentation. From complex technical information to patient communications, Spanish Translations US has the experience to ensure confidentiality of all proprietary information and regularly performs translations requiring compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Spanish Translations US is a leading provider of translations to HMOs, PPOs and health insurance companies in the US and abroad.

Medical Translations

Medical translation services, as they relate to patient care, are performed by experts who take into consideration the educational reading and comprehension levels of key target audiences. In order to communicate effectively, it is essential to be understood by the maximum number of people.

Translations for the Pharmaceutical Industry

As a leader in translations for the US market, our teams have significant experience providing highly accurate translations to the pharmaceutical industry. We have the ability to localize content from pharmaceutical companies to ensure compliance with local regulations as directed by the client.

Life Science Translators

Each life science translation project is overseen by highly experienced Project Managers, specialized in life sciences, who assign the project to translators with experience in the appropriate scientific sector.

Utilizing ISO-certified processes, our staff, from project manager to translator to editor and proofer, adheres to the most rigorous quality control standards in the industry.

In order to ensure the utmost integrity of our life science translations, we only use internally tested and certified medical translators, editors and proofreaders. Our translators stay current in industry terminology to ensure the highest levels of quality for every project.

Spanish Translations US utilizes extremely rigorous certification processes for its translators and document production procedures in order to meet the scientific industry’s demands. Most of our science translators hold PhDs or Master’s degrees to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Spanish Translation Solution:

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