Spanish Literary Translation

Spanish Translation US provides accurate and reliable translations for all types of literary works. Our Spanish translation services will help almost any publisher increase its target audience leading to an increase in profitability.

English – Spanish Literature Translations

English-Spanish Translation of literature is a complex task as it involves not only translating the meaning of the source text but also the tone, melody and rhythm.

Our English-Spanish Literature Translation teams are made up of highly qualified, experienced and educated literary language translators and produce the highest quality Spanish translations in the market. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, technical or non-technical, Spanish Translation US has the expert teams to provide you with the best Spanish Translation.

Translations of Books for the Publishing Industry

The Spanish-speaking market is a large consumer of published materials, including books, magazines, newspapers, journals, online content, etc. In order to maintain readership and fidelity, translated material not only has to be accurate but also flow naturally. This applies especially to books as translated text can be awkward and “unnatural”.

Spanish Translation US takes the extra care to make sure all of its book translations are not only accurate but also flow naturally in the target language.

English -Spanish Literary Translators

As Spanish Translation US utilizes only English-Spanish language translators with literary and publishing backgrounds for all your Spanish literary translation needs, we are able to provide high-quality, cost-efficient literary language translations. Our translations are not only accurate but flow naturally as if they had originally been written in the target language.

In addition to utilizing Spanish literary translators, Spanish Translation US involves several types of linguistic professionals in the literary translation process, including, a Specialized Project Manager, a Managing Editor and Literary Proofreaders.

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