Spanish Document Translation

Spanish Document Translation services involve the translation of printed or electronic text, such as website content, legal contracts, correspondence, notes, medical inserts, product manuals, financial reports, emails, etc. Often, these projects involve Spanish desktop publishing as the text is usually embedded in very specific coding, which must then be applied to the translated material.

Spanish Translation US is the leading provider of Spanish Document Translations. We have extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of documentation including: legal contracts, medical related documentation, high-technology related material, government and non-profit text, marketing materials, correspondence, financial documentation, etc.

For every Spanish document translation, we analyze the document from many perspectives, including the size, complexity and formatting. Once we have an initial assessment of the project, our expert project managers will designate an industry-specific content manager to oversee the translation. If necessary, the translation memory program will be used to ensure consistent use of industry-specific terminology.

The project will then be distributed to our expert human translation teams for translation. Once the document has been translated, it is then sent to another translator for extensive editing and accuracy verification.

Having two separate translators work on the same text helps ensure the most accurate translation, as well as being mindful of delivery timetables.

The content manager will then review the final translated and edited text to ensure quality and accuracy. The content manager is able to guarantee accuracy in all stages of the translation by assigning the project to trained linguists that have the required subject matter expertise. Thus, if your project involved a complex medical device, Spanish Translation US will assign the project to linguists that have significant experience translating similar medical device materials. This allows us to guarantee the accuracy of every English to Spanish translation in almost every specialty area, regardless of its specificity or technicality.

If the document involves formatting or graphics, the translated Spanish text is given to our expert designers for bilingual desktop publish services. Although English text translated to Spanish has more words, we will work to help make certain that your final document looks almost identical to the source document.

Type of Spanish Documents

There exists a wide variety of documentation and source text depending on the underlying subject matter. Each industry has different ways of handling such documentation, from both a language usage viewpoint as well as from a formatting perspective. Legal documents often have font and size requirements. Software and website text has to take into account surrounding coding. Marketing collateral text needs to fit into a set design and size. To add to the complexity, international standards and regulations may also affect the treatment of each Spanish document.

Spanish translations also apply to text and documentation related to our every day personal lives. The following is a list of potential documents you may need to have translated for personal reasons:

  • Marriage and Birth Certificates
  • Academic Records (Graduate and Under Graduate Transcripts)
  • Medical History Documentation
  • Tax Filings
  • Divorce Papers and Rulings
  • Legal Judgments and Rulings
  • Diplomas
  • Customs Documentation (Passport, Visa, Green Card)

All the Spanish Translation Services

We offer a very wide range of Spanish Translation Services including:

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