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Spanish Translation US offers expert document translation, covering legal, medical, technical texts, and more, including Spanish desktop publishing services.

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Expert Spanish Document Translation Services

Document translation services involve the translation of printed or electronic text, such as website content, legal contracts, correspondence, notes, medical inserts, product manuals, financial reports, emails, and more. Often, these projects involve Spanish desktop publishing with text embedded in very specific coding. Not only does the text require translation, but the coding must then be applied to the translated material.

Spanish Translation US is the leading provider of Spanish document translation services. We have extensive experience in dealing with a variety of texts, including: legal language and contracts, medical records, health documentation, technical and engineering materials, government and non-profit information, marketing materials, correspondence, financial documentation, and more.

Our Process


Assessment and Planning

For every document translation, we analyze the document from many perspectives, including size, complexity and formatting. Once we have an initial assessment of the project, our expert project managers designate an industry-specific content manager to oversee the translation. In many cases, translation memory resources are deemed necessary to ensure consistent use of technical vocabulary, defined contract terms, terms of art, or any other industry, corporate or government-designated glossary.

Translating, Editing and Proofing

The project is then distributed to our expert, human, linguist teams for translation. Once the document has been translated by one linguist, it is sent to an additional translator for extensive editing and accuracy verification. Having at least two separate translators work on the same text helps ensure the most accurate translation, while meeting delivery deadlines.

The content manager then reviews the final translated and edited text to ensure quality and accuracy. The content manager is able to guarantee accuracy in all stages of the translation by assigning the project to trained linguists who have the required subject matter expertise. For example, if the project involves instructions for operating a complex medical device, Spanish Translation US will assign the project to linguists who have significant experience translating similar materials for medical devices. This allows us to guarantee the accuracy of every English –Spanish translation in almost every specialty area, including medicine, technology and law.

If the document involves formatting or graphics, the translated text is given to our professional designers for bilingual desktop publishing services. English translated into Spanish generates more words. Our experienced graphics team knows how to adapt the expanded text to fit any carefully designed website or document for consistency with the original English language materials and branding.

Type of Spanish Documents

Having translated tens of thousands of documents, Spanish Translation US has experience with personal documents as well as documents from every industry. This experience has provided us with information regarding the unique needs of different sectors. Scientific materials are highly dependent on graphs and images. Legal documents often have very particular typeface and spacing requirements. Software and website text has to accommodate coding. Marketing collateral text needs to fit neatly into a pre-designed layout, often determined by branding specifications. Adding to this complexity, international standards and regulations may also affect the vocabulary and layout parameters of each document. Our experienced teams know how to adapt your document for your needs.


Regarding personal documents, Spanish Translation US has extensive experience in the following documentation, presented to educational institutions, employers, and various levels of government, both in the US and abroad:

  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Academic records (graduate and undergraduate transcripts)
  • Medical histories
  • Tax filings
  • Divorce papers and rulings
  • Legal judgments and rulings
  • Diplomas
  • Customs documentation (passport, visa, “green card”)

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