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Spanish Translation US ensures legal accuracy with skilled linguists and on-staff attorneys, mitigating potential legal and financial risks.

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Legal English-Spanish Translation Services

Spanish Translations US provides accurate and reliable English-Spanish (and Spanish-English) translation services related to any legal subject matter or documentation. Our on-staff attorneys will ensure your service is tailored to your specific legal needs. Whether your translation relates to a regulatory filing or a legal contract, we have the necessary expertise to ensure your translated document is translated correctly and delivered on time.

Spanish Legal Translations

Accuracy and speed are both critical to legal translations. Whether the translation involves a deposition, a contract, a complaint, an order or a legislative report, Spanish Translation US ensures that each translation is accurate and reliable.


Spanish Legal Translators

Because Spanish Translations US assigns only native language translators with legal background and expertise in legal translations, we are able to provide on-time, high-quality translations at highly competitive prices. Our clients can rest assured that only qualified legal translators are used on their projects.

Whether you are translating a will or a patent application, your translations will always be staffed with the right group of translators, with experience working with the specialized vocabulary appropriate for each document.

Confidentiality of Your Legal Translations

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in the translation of legal documents. All of the management, sales and support staff and translators at Spanish Translations US are bound by a strict internal confidentiality agreement to ensure that your information and/or documents are kept private.

Further, Spanish Translations US routinely enters into Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements with firms, to assure their clients that their confidential documentation is protected.

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