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Software Translation

Software translations often involve the internationalization of source code, localization of user / customer interface and translation of user manuals and online help content into or from Spanish. Spanish Translation US has the staff to not only translate the software accurately and perform the modifications necessary for the transition between languages, but also to conduct the necessary testing of such software modifications. We specialize in helping software companies reach the Spanish-speaking market by providing a turn-key solution to your software translation needs.


Technical Translation

The Spanish-speaking market expects only high-quality, well translated documents. Whether you have manuals, technical spec sheets or online help tools, the clarity and quality of your communication with the client are paramount to success. At Spanish Translation US, we focus on ensuring that your technical and user manuals are translated accurately and in a readable format. Furthermore, we ensure that your projects are delivered on time and allow you to allocate more of your budget to growing your business.

Software Localization

Spanish Translation US provides a complete software localization solution for your Spanish-speaking customers. Our localization and software experts provide a turn-key solution that will allow your customer to use your software effortlessly in Spanish or English. Our teams will guide you through all phases of product implementation of the project. Spanish Translation US engineering teams are experienced in localizing your software products into Spanish on most platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux / Solaris, UNIX, OSDOS, OS/2, and others.


Software Localization Process:

Critical Planning and Project Evaluation

Spanish Translation US uses its experience to help you plan out your entire localization project. For the initial step, our specialists discuss the project with you to understand your needs from a technical, financial and timeframe point of view. We will also work with your compliance teams to ensure that you comply with all local regulatory standards and laws. Depending on the country you are targeting, we can also culturally adapt the product for a seamless launch.

After we have laid out all the key issues during the project planning phase, our software engineers will extract the necessary parts of your software into a translatable format. Once the translation is complete, we will reintegrate the translated text with the software. The extraction process applies to the following elements: Audio, Graphics, Help Files, Online / Electronic Manuals, and Legal Information (Licensing, Warranty, Disclaimers). Our commitment is to deliver a turn-key solution ready for release in any Spanish-speaking market.

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