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Spanish Translation US leads in e-Learning Translation, offering tailored solutions for educational materials, supporting global outreach with secure access.

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Leading the Way: Spanish Translation US Offers Premier E-Learning Translation Solutions

Through thousands of hours of working with clients on e-Learning projects, Spanish Translation US has become the market leader in Spanish e-Learning Translation. Educational institutions and corporate training departments alike look to Spanish Translation US for turn-key e-Learning translation solutions.

Spanish Translation US works with clients to understand the core learning objectives of each e-Learning module. We then help you create an e-Learning environment for your staff, tailoring a culturally accurate Spanish localization solution for your educational materials.

Our e-Learning solutions can be accessed securely anywhere in the world, accommodating a virtual workplace and global outreach. The e-Learning division has worked with companies and educational institutions of all sizes and is ready to evaluate and deliver high quality and competitively priced e-Learning translation solutions for your next project.


Leading the Way: Spanish Translation US Offers Premier E-Learning Translation Solutions

Spanish Translation US is the leader in Spanish e-Learning translation of corporate educational modules for Spanish-speaking markets. E-Learning projects require knowledge of the culture of each target market. Each Spanish-speaking country has particular cultural differences that, if not taken into account, can drastically change the effectiveness of a particular e-Learning module. By having linguists from every Spanish-speaking country, we are able to ensure that our clients’ Spanish language e-Learning materials will be tailored to effectively address the client’s target audience, suggesting culturally-appropriate vocabulary and examples to make your learning modules as effective as possible.

E-Learning Translators

Our Spanish e-Learning translators are carefully selected to ensure they have the specialized cultural knowledge along with expertise in the underlying subject matter, if possible. This not only allows for accurate translations for a particular industry, but also a more effective localization for the client’s end users.

Spanish e-Learning modules should never been seen as a straightforward translation project; they must be localized to consider the differences of each target market.

Spanish Translation US is able to deliver the most effective Spanish e-Learning solutions because it recruits and employs select Spanish translators with extensive experience in adapting e-Learning solutions for each and every Spanish-speaking market.

Our Spanish e-Learning solutions employ a comprehensive process that involves localization, editing and proofreading. At Spanish Translation US, we structure each project to ensure the highest quality and most cost-efficient result for your organization.

Spanish e-Learning initiatives can involve very extensive and complex translation, programming and content issues. These issues can be further complicated based on the location of end user and their access to high-speed, broadband internet. Materials for multimedia content, software and internet-based e-Learning programs, online blogs, virtual whiteboards, and global information sharing can be configured to give each end user a high quality experience. Therefore, knowing the market infrastructure is fundamental to implementing an effective e-Learning solution for a Spanish-speaking market. Our expert e-Learning technology advisors will work with your technical team to ensure your target audience will be able to take advantage of all the elements of your module including: audio/video files, subtitles, dubbing and voiceover files, online help tools, web-based modules, simple text, graphics, relevant course documentation, and more.

Spanish-language e-Learning

Spanish Translation US has extensive experience working with corporate training departments to reach Spanish-speaking users. We have experience with Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), training videos, course authoring and e-book applications, and other tools that allow your organization to have the most dynamic delivery and distribution capabilities for your Spanish e-Learning programs. We have the qualified staff, both linguistically and technically, necessary to deliver a cost-efficient solution tailored to the cultural market you seek to reach.


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